One touch and mirrors will break in awe …
explosion in the Crystal Chamber.


Crystal circle – Crystal Circle of incarnations

Thousands of faces and thousands of incarnations I have …
I change the colors like a prism
creating crystal rainbows
I penetrate
through cosmic worlds,
which earthling can not see …

You and I are tangled with the charm of crystal
hypnotized while sleeping
by it’s magical power
we’re going to
the Crystal Chamber

Light Return. Rescue
I get information …
Thousands of my incarnations end …
Crystal Circle of Incarnations
he is turning the Crystal Circle

Crystals have an enormous power
and they call me back
I hear the whispers of stars every day
how they miss me
how they call me!

I circle around the wheel to be born again
in the Crystal Chamber
in the light of your looks …

I always run forward
now it’s time to stop
and go back to my true self

Crystal Circle
Crystal Circle of Incarnations
My fulfillment


Constellation of Cygnus

Diamond Swans swim on a crystal night
causing the sensual illusion of the Milky Way
on the body of the black velvet of the sky,
bending over us,
envelops us with the senses of a hot summer night …

Among these crystal feathers
I find the ones sharpened for myself …
dipping their tips in a velvet sky –
I write myself, clenching my fingers more and more
in feathery ink …

Has anyone seen my soul escaping with a crystal-diamond

The crash of the crystal has fallen to the ground!
Another falling star,
because I wanted so much again!

My appetite for life and dreams crumbled by a 

Constellation of Cygnus


The power of crystal words

Crystal Mirrors cross
the expanse of space for You
Crystal Tears cleanse me
from previous incarnations
Crystal words connect us
in the blissful magic of the spell!

Silvery rain of stars
envelops us like brocade
like the sweet words of the Moon
there on his other side
I go to sometimes…

Magic is in us –
Here and now!
It is very easy
to create spells!
It is very easy
to listen to the heart!
To open desires
and send them to heaven
to the stars
so they give us strength and power
of a fulfilling wish!

There is a crystal strength,
which I created before
I came here…
Crystal words have
a huge power!
Use them with joy
and gratitude,
and they will be multiplied
like endless reflections
silvery stars’
crystal drops

There on the other side of the Milky Way
I collect stars for you
and I send them back to you to Earth
so that you can hear my name sometimes
pronounced only in a crystal language


My name only sounds in the light of stars …


Memories of a crystal incarnation

Crystals sharp as stars
they cut the sky in awe
whenever I think about you secretly …

In the Crystal Chamber
mirrors are spinning one after the other
in an endless pirouette
they sing spells for me
spinning faster and faster …

Crystals are falling from the sky
like brocade energies
creating the Ice Realm
I am happy and fulfilled among them
using their power
raising their words to the power
buzzing like stars
in a crystal language!

In the black feathers of my collar
as in the velvet of the sky
memories shine
from the previous incarnation …
whirling in today’s reality
they remind me of myself louder and louder!

Images are flowing in more and more
like crystal butterflies
delighting me constantly!

Who am I and what am I doing here?
I already know the answer!
I came back for a crystal ring for You
that everything could be fulfilled again …

You know me forever
remember my name …
I am the Crystal Queen

Crystals sharp as stars
they cross the imagination
whirling in awe!

It’s time to regain your power
and be born again
among the mirror memories …